Honey, I Shrunk the Care Package

March came and went and I forgot to post J's care package for that month but when I have to keep it a secret so he won't find out I just end up forgetting to do it altogether.
His theme was a mini-sized package that included small versions of everyday things. I came across something like it on Pinterest but can't for the life of me remember where. I decided to go with it for that month since I ran out of large boxes and only had a couple medium ones and was too lazy to get off my bum and drive downtown to get more. So it was a perfect fit!

Items included:
Small packaged snacks
Mini framed picture of us 
Travel-sized toiletries

Since the package looked 'shrunk' I thought it would be cute to say I shrunk all the items inside of it as well and reference Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. I tried finding scrapbook paper with gadgets on them or maybe a robot theme but no such luck. So I stuck to patterns with a steel tone to them to represent tools and mechanics and such. I free-handed the sayings and of course had to include a little card to cheer my baby up.

J says not only does he look forward to my packages, but now so do his fellow soldiers that work around him. They usually receive their packages while they are working and apparently everyone crowds around him when they see he has one. Talk about added pressure. I mean it's awesome that they think that and I'm flattered but now I'm thinking I'll have to constantly out-do myself. Challenge accepted!

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  1. Oh wow what an awesome care package! I can only imagine that he is going to love it!

  2. great idea. did you buy the small things or did you get them as samples. that's what i would do. rack up on samples thru the mail and then that way that will help out as well. just a thought

  3. Awwww. You are such a good wife! So when Tyler went to Japan for 6 months (not military, playing football) I sent him ONE package. But I can justify all of that by saying I didn't get to send it to an APO address so the shipping on that bad boy was like fking $90! Soooo yea. I do love that you send such cute care packages tho! My mom always appreciated ANYTHING she got from anywhere. I hope he's doing well!


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