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Yes, I realize it's been like two months since I've churned out a post. Guess what? I'm livin life! I almost threw in the towel altogether and said to hell with a blog but I also want to record events in my life so here I am once again at a crossroads. I'll try to do better but I'm not gonna fully commit to anything. I'm already fully committed to J by law and that's enough for me. I only have room for so much in my life people!

To get straight to the point- my car is used. It's 2005 but doesn't exactly look like it. Well, once you see the key fob [why do they call it that? does it stand for something?] and the radio it's a dead giveaway. Not to sound like a prima donna or anything, but mama needs a touchscreen and bluetooth in her life. First world problems I guess. Seriously though, my past cars have spoiled me with steering wheel buttons, navigation where the lady yells at you that you're going the wrong way, back up cameras, bitchin sound systems- I've become pretty high maintenance in the vehicle department.

I decided to do something about it and stop living like it was ten years ago and upgrade my car a little bit. I wish Xhibit would pop out of no where and tell me he's gonna pimp my ride for me so I don't have to pay for it out of my own pocket but once again, so ten years ago. Kinda sucks cause it would be just lovely to have my own vodka station in the center console of my car but whatareyagonnado right.

This is what that sucker looked like before it got pimped out. It screams 90s even though it's not. Just because something is old doesn't mean it has to look old. Just ask Sandra Bullock. Bitch is 50 but she damn sure don't look it. So I dropped some money on my Best Buy card and had them hook me up with a new touch screen monitor and backup camera. Yay me!

It's like my car got a face lift. Well, technically it just got botox since it isn't something very major. But you best believe we will eventually take the plunge and get that face lift and redo all the trim pieces, dashboard, and seat covers. Go big or go home. If I'm gonna drive this sucker til it drops I may as well invest in making it look pimp as shit. 

And to that I say, cheers.

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  1. Glad your baby got a mini makeover, it looks nice!

  2. it looks awesome. I would be happy with an old or new one right about now since I haven't had one in 3 yrs almost

  3. That's awesome! I would love to get touchscreen nav and radio for my car. Maybe one day :D I also want push button start and remote start. That would be great!


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