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The Hungry Hungry Hedgehog

There once was a hungry hedgehog, his name was Kol
Kol was very hungry so his mommy fed him mealies
But Kol was still hungry, so he broke free from his cage
Kol ran into a little spider and ate it, but he was still hungry
Kol ran into a stray cat and ate it, but he was still hungry
Kol stumbled across a grizzly bear and ate it, but he was still hungry
Kol's hunger drove him mad so he embarked on a journey for world domination
World War III happened and Kol enslaved the world
but at least he wasn't hungry
The End

The other day I was emailing J about how Kol is a little piggy and I have to give him twice as much food as Milo. He seriously gets very grumpy if he doesn't eat, much like his father. To which J emailed me back this poem and I died laughing. Have a great weekend!
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1 comment

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