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I had a very heartwarming weekend, the kind that lifts your spirits back up and makes you appreciate people again. If you've read my blog at all, you kinda get the hint that I don't really like people. The people you deal with on a day-to-day basis are ignorant assholes who make you question this generation of why they think the world owes them something. Seriously, it's called CUSTOMER service- meaning the customer is always right. I digress. Then there's the interwebs. It makes me love people again, especially when I'm bored late at night perusing the humor section of Pinterest. Those people crack me up and I want to meet them. So clever.

Here in town we had a local festival come and admission was free, so naturally everyone and their mother went. A friend and I thought it would be smart to go on the earlier side since there was going to be a concert and shit was probably gonna get insane [the parking already was]. She is my bestest friend and my battle buddy. Her husband is deployed for the same amount of time J is and is in the same place. She's also the neighbor's nanny across from my family, so we're like twinsies. We've started doing everything together to not only take our minds off this deployment, but to experience everything before the Army takes us away from Tennessee. It's only a matter of time before we PCS to another city so we're making the most of it now.

At the festival was a 'military area' that held booths related to the Army. Naturally being Army wives we went to investigate these booths to see what they had to offer. We goofed around with soldiers who had to be in uniform on a hot Saturday and pet an adorable Great Dane who stood by them. Once we were about to leave and hunt for food a woman approached us offering free portraits. Heck yes we want our picture taken! We piled on the props to represent our patriotic husbands and put on a brave smile. It's little moments like that that make you stop and realize where you are and that your spouse is not with you.


Nashville has a lot of things to offer a person who adores Country music... I kind of loathe it like the plague. BUT- I'm not opposed to experiencing the city like the tourist that I am and take a couple tours of historic places. My Battle Buddy and I took a trip to The Grand Ole Opry where dozens of Country music stars have played throughout the years and made members. We took a tour of the house and even stood in the circle on stage where the artists perform. That was pretty cool.

After some shopping she wanted to go to a Hibachi restaurant to get dinner. I've never been because I am a deprived person who apparently doesn't do shit with my life, so I was pretty excited to go. Turns out once you're seated it's with an entire group of people and they cook everything right in front of your face. We were fortunate enough to be seated next to the most awesome couple I have met so far in this state. A Nashville police officer and his wife stuck up a conversation with us that led us to explaining what our husbands do and where they currently are. At one point they made me get out my phone so they could personally witness me telling J that they were grateful for his service. Towards the end of dinner he not only made a private toast to us, but a public toast that included the entire room. It was then that I started breaking down. These people didn't know us at all, yet they showed us the most kindness anyone ever had. Oh they weren't done spreading the joy. As they were saying their good-byes and we were stuffing our faces with ice cream, they placed something on the table that I didn't pay much attention to. Turns out, they paid for half of our meal.

I started to get overwhelmed again. There have been times when people have been extremely kind to J to show their appreciation for what he does, but I have never experienced that. I'm just a wife. But this couple explained to me that I am so much more than that. I am the home front. I keep things going while he's gone so he has something to come home to. I am what is waiting for him at the end of the rainbow; his focus to get him through everything. He may represent us overseas, but I represent him here and am the face people see. I must hold my head up high with dignity and grace to show America how proud I am that my husband is a U.S. Soldier. And I am extremely proud of him. It's those little moments that make me appreciate the most sincerest of strangers out there. It made my weekend, possibly this entire deployment. 

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  1. Sounds like you had a really good weekend! Your hair is so cute - I love the cut and color. That is so sweet what that couple did ♥


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