Father's Day Care Package

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J thinks it's funny to call me The Mother of Hedges- and if you don't get that reference we can't be friends. We just can't. 

So when I was trying to figure out what to do for this month's care package it suddenly hit me. J is the Father of Hedges, and it just so happen Day of the Dads occurs in June. BAM. I'm good people. I should get like a medal or something. Lots of people claim their fur babies as their children and we are no different. We refer to them as "the babies" and they even have their own room. 

I tried to focus on hedgehog-related items but it is actually quite hard to find such things. I had to improvise a lot and of course filter in some nummy snacks for him to munch on while he's in the sandbox for a couple more months. Thank god it's almost over. 3 more months! Aaahhhh!!!!

The Supplies

Hedgie Stuffs

The card

Decorated box

Isn't the card absolutely adorable? I had it custom made to look like the babies. I even sent pictures of them and their cages so that the etsy lady could match the colors to their bellies. Turned out so cute. Throw in some captured moments of daddy-and-me time and a Sonic the Hedgehog comic and you've got yourself a a care package guaranteed to make your man cry. Or mine at least. I secretly hope it embarrasses him a little hee hee. Oh well.

my nanny kid and I made this for his father who really loves golf

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Mustache Care Package

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Happy Hump Day party people.
It's usually not so happy for me anymore ever since my school nights got switched from Mondays to Wednesdays, but what can ya do. Remember when I said life has been hectic lately? That was an understatement. So much so that I almost completely spaced out and forgot to send my husband a care package for last month. I got it sent by the 21st but I still felt really guilty about it.
Because of the fact I basically waited so long, this package wasn't all that and a bag of chips, and certainly didn't upstage my previous one. But let's face it- that Ninja Turtles package is gonna be hard to top. I'm currently working on it, but we'll see. 
May was about mustaches! And who wore mustaches better than one of J's favorite bands? The Beatles! I hunted down some things from their famous facial hair phase and figured he could use some more things to make his space in the Sand Box with. I wonder if his other roommates are jealous hee hee.

I loaded that sucker up with as many snacks as I could fit inside! One of the main things is Baja Blast. You see, Taco Bell has a specific Mountain Dew flavor that only they sell for some reason, and guess what fast food restaurant is J's favorite? Yep, sometimes we eat it so much I have to stop for months before I can start back up. And we have a rule that you can't go to Taco Bell and NOT purchase a Baja Blast for the both of us. This is the code for our marriage! But seriously, it's friggin delicious. Well they decided to grace our presence this summer by selling it in stores for a limited time. 

When J heard this he immediately called me and said to stock up. So I did. Every time I go to Walmart I buy at least 4 cases. Last week I found out that even though Taco Bell said it would be on sale until September, whatever the store has is all they get, so when they run out that's it. This alarmed me. I've been stocking up like the end of the world is coming. It's quite embarrassing. So I sent J a little taste which in hindsight was probably a bad idea considering now he's craving it. Well he's just gonna have to wait!

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Hit and Run 5k

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My deployment buddy and I completed our first 5k this past Saturday and we had a blast! I may have gotten seriously burnt to a crisp and received a couple of bruises but eh, all in the experience right? I should probably explain the bruises though. You see, for our very first 5k we stupidly chose the Hit and Run. It's an obstacle course filled with soap, water, balls being thrown at you, and of course running in between. It was pretty intense, but super fun!

Because of all the people and the fact that there is only one of each obstacle, they chunked us into running groups and sent people every 10 minutes so there wouldn't be long lines. We were apart of the purple group, or purple people eaters as I called us, and we got pumped! The DJ was awesome and kept the spirit alive while everybody waited and all I could do was focus on not tripping in the middle of a running crowd. Cause lets face it, that is totally something I would do.

The very first obstacle had me completely covered in suds, and yes- it was all up in muh booty area. We were soaked by the end of it and I bay-watched it across the finish line. It was pretty glorious. Our run time was 1030 and we got back to the car around 1145 and fucking around and rooting on other people. So I'm guessing we finished in an hour but it doesn't really matter to me cause we conquered that shit! Woot woot! Can't wait for the next one!

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Kol Turns 1!


My youngest baby hedge turned a year old over the weekend and we celebrated with lots of mealies! He was quite excited about it and got all up in there, ate every single one. Little heffer. My baby boy is all grown up!

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