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I got my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday, grr. But besides all the horror stories everybody told me about how it would be and what I would be going through afterwards, I felt completely fine. In fact I probably talked more in that day than I have all week combined. Go figure. Everything was going pretty good until 10 pm last day. I awoke from a power nap from pain meds and promptly ran to the bathroom and threw up. Damn this tiny body and it requiring a shit ton of sustenance in order to tolerate pain medication. 

So I did what anybody would do after unhinging my tiny jaw and letting loose all the yogurt and jello I ingested during the day- I downed a shit ton of cookies n cream ice cream and called it a night. I mean, even though I'm not even allowed to spit or rinse vigorously for another 6 days, pretty sure the damage has been done after throwing up. It's kinda sweet actually. I don't have to work today and I don't have to talk to people. It's like the perfect excuse for not giving a shit.

I'll be getting back to your regularly scheduled programming shortly. My boss had her baby last month, hence me not having the time to blog. How bout that- it's literally been a month. My last blog post was the 15th and Little Man was born the 16th. Actually he was evacuated from the premises due to a C-section. But I digress. See you tomorrow, or next week. Remember I have the perfect excuse. Later.

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