Christmas Crafts

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I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I'm a bit late but travelling can be quite stressful and it just so happens I don't have internet access half the time. Bummer. So all my December posts are going to run through to the new year. Oh well!

The Little Nugget and I always do crafts specific to the holiday and for Christmas we went all out! This time I wanted to preserve all his beautiful artwork so I bought canvas and permanent paint in hopes that his parents can treasure them forever. I love using his hand and feet for prints since he is still so young, and it's a great way to watch him grow! My favorite has to be Santa and his reindeer, so adorable. 

His mother was nervous about putting up a real tree, thinking he would mess with it and try to yank ornaments off. I don't think she realizes I have raised a very respectful little boy who knows I expect a lot out of him. That statement may seem a little off, but trust me I am with that boy 60+ hours a week since he was 8 weeks old- he knows better. He tried touching the tree one time, was told we don't do that, and never tried again. In fact he doesn't even acknowledge the tree is there! Whether we're at his home. my house, or a friend's, he never touches the tree. I'm so proud! What I found adorably funny when I tried to take photos of him in front of me tree was that I actually asked him to touch it to get a cute picture and he refused! He probably thought I was tricking him, poor boy.

I got a little bit off topic for a hot second. The point to that story was she thought he needed something of his own, and found a felt tree on Pinterest she thought he would enjoy. Felt sticks to felt, so he can rearrange his "ornaments" however he wants, as many times as he wants. He absolutely loved it! 

I can't wait for the next holiday! ;)

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Under the Tree

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my tree // mama's tree // FIL's tree // MIL's tree

I hope everyone was able to be with friends and family for the holidays. As I sit here wishing you all the best Christmas, I can't help but feel a little spoiled. I am surrounded by every family member imaginable, because I have the best boss in the world that sent me to California for the holidays as ONE of my Christmas presents. I have my parents, my grandparents, all my siblings, and both nephews present. I don't know how this happened, but I am truly grateful.

                               Merry Christmas everyone 


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Happy Hedgemas

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We tried to have a mini photo session with the boys and it didn't go too well. As you can tell by all the pictures- they were PISSED. Milo never came out of his potato ball [which is the worst kind] and Kol just furrowed his brow quills and was a grumpy gills the whole time. I had to bust out the glove by the end; I was pretty sure he was going to bite me. The little shit. I just love that last picture though. It totally sums up their personalities- Kol the Curious and Milo the Cautious. They kill me...although they might actually kill me cause they're still pretty upset with me. I went to feed them and Milo hid and Kol just growled. Point taken. Merry Christmas ya brats.

I really do love them, I swear. They're my babies! And I'm still worried about leaving them for the holidays. J being gone has already stressed them out enough and I don't want to add to it. Speaking of stress, mine is getting worse by the day. I may see my family in 3 days but my anxiety is through the roof. It's to the point where I don't even want to go anymore. Does anyone else get this way about travelling during the holidays? I know it makes me sound like an asshole but I can't help it. I was on the phone with mi madre last night and we were going over each day and if there were any plans made that day and I just started panicking. 

Here's hoping everything works out and we have a great time. Happy Hedgemas!

outtakes of Kol captured by a friend

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Oh What Fun

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I put off wrapping gifts for as long as I could. As you can tell by my beautiful tree, I much prefer bags. They're fast, they're easy, and they're just so pretty! I may have an obsession. Seriously- I apparently hoarded about 50+ bags and found some in totes from last year. Don't expect to keep though. Mine.

Don't judge my glass of vodka cranberry. Wrapping presents requires a bit of alcohol for this girl. But I wanted to feel classy and use my reindeer wine glasses so shhh, keep that a secret from mama. Ah who am I kiddin- she knows I have a drink or three when the occasion arises. I am a little worried because I still have to shop for people I didn't even expect to see. Don't get me wrong, I'm super stoked to be going home for the holidays and spending time with all my family and friends, but now I gotta shop for all these bitches! What in the hell do I buy my grandpa? Help me out people!

Oh shit. I just realized whatever I get for Christmas needs to be brought back with me. Sonofabitch now I need to buy another suitcase. Travelling is stressful. Hence the drinking...

I can't think about that right now! I still need to make arrangements for the boys while I'm gone. All I gotta do is make it the rest of this work week, pack all my shit, and battle the crazies at the airport to make it to my mom! It sounds like beating levels in a super lame video game, ha. Be prepared for some serious food envy spam! Speaking of pictures- I finally got an Instagram! Be a dear and go follow me so you can be apart of my California adventures! Or don't, that's cool too ;)

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Dear Santa..

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one || dreamer henley jammie I am a Victoria's Secret snob and I'm not afraid to admit it. All my jammies are from VS because of how comfy and cozy they are. I'm wearing some right now!

two || spiked pumps I have a serious addiction to high heels. I'm going on about 100+ pairs and no, you can never have enough! These are my favorite color and have an edge that just scream my name

three || christmas candle I have a serious problem with BBW candles. I can't stop buying them! There are always at least 4 around my kitchen/living room and Christmas time is when I bring out the big guns. This one smells super yummy!

four || bookset I am an avid reader and always have a book in my purse. This trilogy is a spin-off of classic fairytales and is right up my alley

five || sailor moon handbag These bags are just too cute for words. If you're not into anime than you at least know who Sailor Moon is, and my love for her and the Sailor Scouts did not just stay with my childhood. They are based off the kitties Luna and Artemis. So cute!

six || disney vans Everyone needs a comfortable slip-on shoe and Vans definitely has it for you! They teamed up with Disney to create multiple shoe styles in various characters and I just adore the Alice ones! It is my favorite Disney movie, you know ;)

seven || liquid lipsticks People are going banana sandwich over Kylie Jenner's new lip kit. What they clearly don't know is Jeffree Star already has fabulous liquid to matte lipsticks that come in some wicked awesome colors. I NEED Posh Spice and Androgyny in my life!

eight || christmas bath bombs Once the holiday madness calms down, we all need to de-stress and have a little "me time". Can you think of anything more perfect than a luxurious bath and a glass of wine? Cause I can't
Trying to convince Santa I've been a good girl. Not sure I'm doing a good job...

Dear Santa,

I created my wish list and hope it's not too much. I didn't go crazy this year because I already bought me a DSLR camera that cost a pretty penny, and I feel selfish asking for more. So if you hear from my mother or my super awesome friends, then feel free to pass this list along. To be honest I just really want stuff to open Christmas morning in my onesie jammies. I may be 25 but on Christmas this girl turns back into a little fat kid who just wants to eat cake, watch Disney movies, and open all the presents!

                                                                                    Hugs and kisses!
                                                                                                 - M
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Snowflakes Take Over

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Happy Holidays!
I got me a fancy DSLR camera for Christmas- finally!- and I had tons of fun fiddling with it to take these gorgeous photos of all the decor in my home. Can I just say I love the fact that I didn't have to edit any of these pictures. I probably could have but they were so pretty on their own I didn't feel the need to. And I'm just so effing happy that my pictures are actually good quality versus the shitty ones my old phone used to take. Woo hoo! Now I can seriously step up my game.
Each year I do a different 'theme' for Christmas when decking my halls, and this year I went all out. I didn't get to decorate last year [boo] and the year before that I did a rustic/woodsy vibe <--- you can clearly see the poor quality from that post in comparison to this one. 2015 is all about glitz and glam. Elegance and sophistication. Why? Because it looks damn pretty and my living room colors are already black and red. For some reason I just really gravitated towards reindeer and snowflakes. But I ain't mad at it. I would have bought even more shit to decorate but surprise! my boss got me a ticket to spend Christmas in California! So I basically decorated the house for nothing. It's cool though, I don't leave until Sunday and I was not about to have a bare house for 3+ weeks during the most wonderful time of the year [I put up the tree 2 days before Thanksgiving]. 
I must admit I'm a little bummed that I won't be able to hit up all the crazy holiday sales the days after Christmas- don't judge me, I like a good bargain!- but I mean I get to go home and see my family! I haven't spent Christmas in California since 2012 so I'm not gonna lie, as excited as I am to see everyone, I'm really freaking out about being able to cram everyone and everything in 2 weeks. It's stressing me to the point where I just want to skip over all of it and wake up on January 5th. But I shall prevail! Plus I get to go to Disneyland so bring it!
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