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Hi Lovies!

It's officially October 1st which means I can finally decorate my house! I have been waiting for this moment since the end of August when all my local stores started showcasing all their beautiful Fall displays. I can never resist a reason to decorate, no matter how small, and Halloween is no exception considering it is hands down my all time FAVORITE holiday of the year. Even more so than Christmas. Presents are cool but do you get to dress up in costumes?! I don't think so. I'm having the hardest fucking time deciding what I want to dress up as which is no bueno considering it'll creep up fast. I better get on it!

I'm gonna make this quick and to the point- I finally got an Instagram. Yep, the girl who always made it known that there is honestly no point in having another social media platform finally caved. And honestly? I AM OBSESSED. The fact that I can browse through literally thousands of adorable hedgehog pictures whenever I want to makes me completely giddy inside. But I also get super jealous because damn, bitches are really pretty on that site. I need to step up my game. But who am I kidding- I'm not gonna learn how to do makeup or anything fancy. So my pretty little face will have to suffice. Also pictures of my quill babies and lovely book collection, if it catches your fancy. You may notice my appearance has changed a bit but don't be scared! I don't bite.. hard. ;) Okay that was lame. 

Anywhooooo... stop by and say hi! @megalinlauren
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1 comment

  1. Ok your hedgehogs are flipping adorable!! I get jealous of people's Instagram too, mine is scum compared lol!


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