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Umm. Hi, hello..

So I'll just go ahead and address the elephant in the room- it's been over a year since I've blogged. It's taken me over a month to even write this, because I was ashamed and didn't think there would be anybody left around to care that I came back. Well that may be true, I found that I'm not the only one that just suddenly up and left.

Not only did I stop blogging, I stopped reading blogs altogether. Sometimes life happens. And when it did I just stopped completely. I doubt anyone noticed though. But upon coming back I saw that some big time bloggers had left with no notice as well, and around the same time that I left too. Where the fuck did Whitney and Sami go? Erin blogs about once every couple months and the majority of people I followed vanished without a trace. I didn't feel so guilty anymore. And although I don't owe anyone a god damn thing, I'll still explain what ultimately led me to cease blogging.

// I went from consistently blogging every day, to every week, to every month. J had left for deployment and I was miserable, which put me in a rut. Then I found a new nanny job that required 80+ hours a week from me, which made blogging practically impossible. My schedule was all over the place and I was working random hours chock full of daily activities that required Jay Bird and I to be out of the house majority of the day

// My last post about my Pokemon care package to J was posted on a Friday, 2 days later I got let go from my job. Which is a nicer way of saying I got fired. It came out of no where with no warning at all- and I was super pissed. They didn't give me the common courtesy of a notice to look for another job, nor a chance to make one final paycheck before I left. The worst thing about it, not only did they give me some bullshit excuse which I know was a lie, but they did it FIVE DAYS before I was supposed to go on vacation. Worst. Timing. Ever.

// I took a shit ton of pictures while in Florida and had a blast. I had every intention of recapping it all when I got back but quickly realized I was back in reality with no job, no money, and no husband present. So I let things pile up and never got around to it, and eventually became a little depressed
// The next month J came home and I was practically giddy with excitement. Blogging quickly got pushed to the back of my mind until it disappeared altogether. J and I had a mini getaway in late October when I started taking pictures again and wanted to share them with everyone. By that time there was so much to write that I got totally overwhelmed and just gave up. At first it made me sad, but then I thought back to the post when I wrote about people probably not caring anyway. And I figured no one missed me so why bother

Annnnd cue to right now. Why start up again? I honestly couldn't tell you. I guess it all comes down to the fact that I miss writing and sharing, even if no one is out there listening. Maybe people will slowly start to trickle in and pay attention to my little corner of the interwebz, and maybe not. It doesn't matter either way- I'll still be here. 

Do I get a welcome back hug?

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  1. Welcome back!! Can't wait to read everything you've been up to :)


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