The Glo Run

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Summers are filled with crazy adventures and drunken nights- at least, mine are. And last summer was no exception. It's even more awesome when the two are paired together, creating this mixture of boozy shenanigans involving times you'll never remember with people you'll never forget. Luckily for me I somehow remember everything when I drink. It's a gift and a curse.

The summer of 2014 had me partaking in quite the number of 5ks. I'm not sure if I was trying to prove something, trying to get into shape, or just passing the time as quickly as I could while J was gone. A little of everything I suppose. But once my friends and I did the Hit and Run 5k we had such a blast that we signed up for the next fun run that came to Nashville. The Glo Run!

The only 5k to take place at night, The Glo Run started at the base of the bridge in Downtown Nashville and looped around the city. It was one massive party when Ali and I arrived and only got more intense with each passing minute. Glowsticks and light-up shades were in abundance. 

Just a sea of pink for miles. The gang came prepared though. We stood out with our own t-shirts imprinted with the FYC logo- fuck yo couch! Cause we're awesome like that. Pretty sure half- scratch that- all of them showed up totally schwasted. At least Ali and I had the decency to wait until after the run was over to go celebrate. I wasn't about to run among hundreds of neon people at night in the crazy part of town while intoxicated. My eyes already fail me in the dark as it is. Though that probably would have made things interesting. It certainly already was entertaining to watch them all. Plus I don't need to be tipsy to act wild, I'm a riot all my own. 

Case in point, trying to do the funky chicken. Don't ask why, I couldn't tell you even if I remembered. There was a lot of dancing, some jumping, and glitter paint that made the boys run for the hills. Now that I think about it I have no idea how they even survived the night, let alone the run itself. 

I couldn't tell you how it ended though. We lost our group in the crowd and got the hell out as soon as it was over. My anxiety was through the roof and once I could barely see in front of my face I knew it was time to go, DJ or not. It sounded like a fun after-party but Ali and I celebrated in the style only we do best- with margs! I mean, did you honestly expect anything less? We crossed the bridge once again and headed straight to Broadway for Margaritaville. After that it gets fuzzy, nothing but pink slush and cheese fries. Good times.

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  1. That glow run looks AWESOME!! I did one of those when we lived in CT but haven't found a good one down here yet! (And yes, my summer nights sound very similar to yours ;) )


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