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Hey party people.

I know everyone hates Mondays and I totally get it, but I think we should start a transition where we make them a more happy experience and have something to look forward to. From here on out Monday will be considered a party, at least for me it will. I mean we get to talk about our fantastic weekends. Whether it involved crazy times out on the town or crazy times chillin on the couch gasping at the television set, it's all a party around these parts. 

Let's kick this party off with a yearly recap- some of you may not know that I stopped blogging out of no where [shit happens] and just barely started back up last week. Some posts will be in real time discussing current events, while others will be chronologically brought up of past shenanigans from 2014 til present. Things might get confusing but just bear with me.

Last summer was jam packed with activities, because who wants a boring summer? The middle of June brought me to yet another 5k. I was going through a phase. One thing about me that'll ring true til the day I die is I HATE running. Like with a fiery burning passion. Why do I need to run? Unless I just stole something and need to run from the cops, I doubt there is any situation in life that will require me to run. And I don't plan on having any run-ins with the law anytime soon. But all 3 of the 5ks we participated in had one thing in common- they were interactive. It wasn't just your average let's-run-in-a-circle-til-we're-done type of thing. Snoozefest. 

The Hit and Run 5k was an obstacle course that left me a little banged up and The Glo Run was a night time party filled with drunk people and vivid colors. We saved the best for last with the Color Me Rad 5k. There are many variations of this mini marathon, so we wanted to take a different approach to it instead of just wearing a bunch of white and chucking chalk packets at each other. We did this run in style- Disney style. The Princess Posse- or as I like to refer to them as Disney Divas after everything that took place- were made up of different princesses decked out in crowns, matching colors, and most importantly tutus!

I was Ariel, because duh, so a crop top was definitely needed. For any newcomers- she is my favorite princess. We both collect random things, have nothing but sisters, were raised by our fathers, and our fathers didn't particularly agree with our love interest when we were 16. Hey, at least they both came around to it. Not to mention the reason I even had red hair at the time was because I dyed it to be Ariel the previous Halloween. It was meant to be.

Three of the girls decided to be super late- and apparently schwasted- so we got impatient and opened up our little chalk packets early. One of them flung it right at my face, all up in my eyeball, so I rocked a lovely blue dome majority of the day. Side note- I love me a good drink. Most people give me shit for it, even though I have no idea why because I quite honestly drink responsibly. Yet I find it funny that at both The Glo Run and Color Me Rad everyone else showed up totally hammered before the friggin thing even started! Comical.

Left to right: Tiger Lily, Ariel, Pocahontas, Tiana, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine

Taking care of grown women dressed as Disney princesses while shitfaced is a chore in itself. I might as well have been looking after sleep-deprived, hungry toddlers at Disneyland. There really was no difference. Tutus kept falling off, phones and cameras would go missing, lots of tripping, getting lost in crowds, and trying to convince them that the ground was in fact, not there to go tinkle. That was precisely what the pretty port-a-pottys all lined up in a row were for. I deserve a medal just for that mess alone.

It really shouldn't have shocked me that we lost them halfway through the 5k. Looking back I'm more surprised that they even finished it at all. We gave up trying to find them and at first I was kind of worried but I mean, you're a grown ass woman- get your shit together. I already have my hands full with nanny kids, quill babies, and my man-child;I really shouldn't have to worry about other adults too. I'm not WonderWoman ya know! After finishing up and going berserk on chalk packets we headed to the mall to wash up and grab some Mexican. Because nothing says 'I just completed a 5k so let's celebrate' like some ice cold margs. Mmm. See, I keep it classy.

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  1. So much fun!! I did a couple of Color Me Rads when I lived in CT - they were SO much fun!! Haven't found one close by here yet, but still on the lookout :)


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