Photos Make Me Awkward

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Can you believe that when I was little I wanted to be a model/actress?

Actually, I guess that's not very hard to believe at all. Just ask my mother and she'd tell you what a ham I We used to have a sliding mirror door on our shower and when I would pass the bathroom I would check myself out, making kissy faces and striking poses. Eat your heart out Madonna. I like being the center of attention, and I tend to dominate a conversation- both in opinions and in volume.

I still pretend I'm being interviewed when I'm alone, does anyone else do that? Or am I just that fucking weird? Imagining what my life would be like on red carpets and movie sets. I am a Leo after all.

But one thing I can never get comfortable with is taking pictures. I love snapping a moment in time with family and friends, actually capturing J on film, and of course I love a good selfie. Selfies don't count though. I can be a diva all I want to because I am alone and can get fierce in the moment, but taking pictures alone just weirds me out.

It's not that I don't like pictures in general. In fact I love them and wish I had more full length ones to bask in my amazingness ;) What gets me is having someone else taking them of me. I've never had a problem asking someone to take a photo of myself and a group, or of J and I. But asking a total stranger to take a picture of just me makes me incredibly uncomfortable, and honestly, like a douchebag.

Does anyone else feel this way? I just get so silly having someone I actually know taking pictures of me. I can never be serious and the photo always comes out with me looking like a jackass cause my mouth is open or I'm blinking. When a friend is doing it I just get awkward and start acting like a goober. Do they think I'm dumb? Am I dumb? Yep. Total turd nugget status, at least in my opinion I am. If it's a professional photographer then by all means, I'll turn into Sasha Fierce for a bitch. 

What brought this topic up? Instagram, of course. I've only had it for about 2 weeks, and I must admit I'm completely obsessed. 

It may be because I'm a noob and the novelty of it all will eventually wear off. But I am just totally mesmerized by everyone's amazing pictures and gorgeous lifestyles. Everything is so bright and perfect. Clean and crisp. What baffles me the most though? Who the fuck is taking all of these pictures? Obviously I don't mean the ones of the beautiful backdrops, yummy food, adorable kiddos, and awesome daily activities. Who the hell is taking the ones of the family setups, envious fashion, and casual far-off selfies? Do they have their own personal photographer following them around everywhere? Or are they honestly setting up a tripod in pumpkin patches and restaurants?

I know this really shouldn't bother me, but I'm legitimately curious as to how this is being done. Maybe I can actually step up my own game for the future. Somebody share your secrets!
And if you're wondering, my Instagram may suck a little since I'm just a beginner, but feel free to humor me and follow along :) [@megalinlauren]

Here are some attempts to 'model' my Fall fashion in Nashville heat. Perhaps I'll slowly get the hang of it and produce quality shit that's actually worth while. Until then you can watch me fail, I don't mind.

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