Tricks or Treats?

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Halloween is upon us!

This month certainly creeped up fast! Can you believe that All Hallow's Eve is already this Saturday?! I don't know about you but I'm still getting last minute things together for my costume. I'll give you a hint- it's a Disney character!

Obviously this is a little late, but hopefully you can forgive me considering one minute it was still 80 degrees outside and I was rockin shorts and flip flops, and the next it's pouring rain and even my new bomber jacket can't save me from getting soaked. But there is still time to get in some cute crafts with the little ones! These specifically are fun for tikes around the toddler/preschool age who aren't cute old enough to grasp the concept of coloring/cutting/gluing but still want to partake in the awesome messiness of creativity.

The little nugget and I had a blast making these adorable pictures so I know yours will have fun too! All that is needed is paint, a sheet, some construction paper, and curious fingers and wiggly toes! You can choose all 5 designs like I did [I'm an overachiever] or just pick your favorite and go from there! There are ghosts, spiders, monsters, witches, or candy corn- get creative! 

I personally placed an old sheet on the living room floor so that I had quick and easy access to the bathroom sink and tub to wash his feet immediately after stamping them onto the paper. I gathered all the paint bottles and each sheet of paper that I would need and had him sit next to me in only his diaper [he's 18 months, so don't worry about your child being too young for this]. I then squirted a bit of whatever color paint I needed onto a paper plate and had him in my lap and the paper in front of us. I dipped his hand/foot, stamped it onto the paper, and quickly wiped off leftover paint with a tissue or baby wipe. If it was a dark color or extremely goopy I would wash him off in the bathroom before continuing. 

Once all 5 prints were done I let them air dry overnight in another room and did the finishing touches the nest day. You can do whatever kinds of faces or colors that you would like and you don't have to add on details if you don't want to. I just always go the extra mile cause I'm a brat like that ;) It was super easy and probably only took about 30 minutes tops. On the more complicated ones- the monster and candy corn- that required more than 1 color of paint, I just handed him something to distract him while I painted the bottom of his foot. Easy peasy!

Happy painting!

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1 comment

  1. These are just the cutest ideas!! I especially love the "smell my feet, give me something good to eat" one!


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