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Only 1 more day and it's Turkey Day!

The day we get together with family we don't really like, to talk about things that irritate the shit out of us, all for the sake of stuffing our faces full of yummy food. Mine will be a tad bittersweet this year. It will be the first Thanksgiving I spend by myself. But fear not! I won't actually be alone. I don't go home for this particular holiday so I haven't technically spent it with family as in my parents and siblings since 2011, but J is once again gone and will not be with me. So I will be partaking in my very first Friendsgiving! My duty is bringing the ham, so I hope I don't fuck it up. Then I will kindly dismiss myself to fight the crazies at Wal-Mart for a new DSLR. I know, I know, I'm part of the problem. As much as it sucks to work on the holidays, and believe me I know-I've done it before- I figure I shouldn't feel too guilty because I don't have any real family to spend it with anyway. And the stores are already going to be open, I can't help that. Might as well save a couple hundred. Sue me.

Before I go on a tangent and rant about things that don't really need to be argued over, I bring you more Turkey Day art for the kiddies! As you may have gotten the hint already, I love using paint as the medium in which the Little Nugget and I do all our holiday crafts. It's just so simple to use for his age and he loves getting messy and squishing all his body parts in the gooey awesomeness that is washable paint. That's right folks, be sure to get washable paint. Big mistake if you don't. And set down an old sheet you no longer care about. The paint may come off cute little fingers and toes, but good luck getting that shit out of sofas and off coffee tables. No bueno.

A fun project we loved making was this Fall tree. His fingers were meant to be the branches, but since his hands are so teeny tiny I improvised a little. The nice thing about this specific piece of art is that since only the fingertip is required for the leaves, you don't have to dirty your little one's entire hand in the process of making it. Just one finger will do the trick! Use as many colors as you'd like and boom! You got yourself an adorable Autumn tree.

Another quick picture is our festive Foot Turkey! Use both hands to layer on the red, orange, and yellow feathers, let dry, and stamp on a brown 'body'. Presto! Add googly eyes or just use marker, whatever floats your boat. Your walls will be decorated in no time flat!

I hope everyone has a lovely Thanksgiving!

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