Turkey Day Crafts for Littles

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I apologize for not blogging the entire month. 

November has been super hectic- full of playdates, runny noses, holiday shopping, and craft making. The last thing I want to do when I get home is stare at my computer screen and type words. I promise starting next month I'll do better and actually start blogging every day(ish) like I used to.

If you're new around here, reading things about playdates and such might confuse you considering the only babies in my home are covered in quills. For the past 3 years that I have lived in Tennessee I have been a full-time nanny to various families. It is my main source of income that brings me as much joy as it does frustration. But hey, at the end of the day I can say I literally get paid to play with a toddler all day. So ha. In your face.

My current main squeeze is an 18 month old ginger that I have been looking after since he was 2 months old. He has been my longest consecutive nanny kid and I love that little nugget as if he were my own. I have waited-not so patiently- for him to get old enough for me to do fun crafts with him for the holidays. This year we finally can!

Since he is only 18 months, he obviously still doesn't understand the concept of what we're doing, but he knows it's fun! Because of this, I try to stick to crafts that focus solely around his hand and footprints. He can't do things like that of a school-aged child [i.e. using scissors, glue, etc] so even though I basically do majority of the work, he still gets his input and gets to squish his little fingers and toesies in colorful paint!

We did the same types of crafts last month for Halloween, so this month I wanted to step it up a notch. November is more based on family and friends so I wanted his parents to be a little more involved this time around.

Handprint Wreath

For the first project I wanted his parents to have a more personalized touch when it came to 'decor'. I gathered every color related to Fall in our construction paper book and traced his little hands until I felt I had the right amount. All I did was tape the backs to each other and glued some Fall colored feathers to look like a bow. Voila!

Giving Tree

We give thanks for what we are grateful for by writing them on leaves for all to see. It reminds us to stay humble for the things we are lucky to have and not take any of it for granted.

I honestly wouldn't attempt this project unless you have A LOT of time on your hands Or you're bat shit crazy like I am. Scratch that. You could always do a smaller/less intense version. I saw something similar on Pinterest and of course being me, stepped it up a couple of notches; like I do with everything ever. Do you know how tedious cutting out hundreds of tiny hands is?! I wouldn't recommend it. It took me ages and I developed sores on my knuckles from cutting so much. But I just had to do so many cause my friggin OCPD kicks all things in life into overdrive. I digress. But it makes for adorable backdrops.

Turkey Cards

These are actually quite simple. I cut out the appropriate sized squares for the size of his hand and had him create the base for our handprint turkeys. After letting them dry completely I added the beak, snood [yes, that's really what it's called] and the feet with markers. I then glued small feathers in between each finger, and cut out pieces for the 'blessings' and the cards while they dried. I taped the wording so it popped up a bit and glued the print to each card. All done! Now each card can be personalized along with the special love of a handprint turkey. Gobble gobble!

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