Christmas Crafts

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I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! I'm a bit late but travelling can be quite stressful and it just so happens I don't have internet access half the time. Bummer. So all my December posts are going to run through to the new year. Oh well!

The Little Nugget and I always do crafts specific to the holiday and for Christmas we went all out! This time I wanted to preserve all his beautiful artwork so I bought canvas and permanent paint in hopes that his parents can treasure them forever. I love using his hand and feet for prints since he is still so young, and it's a great way to watch him grow! My favorite has to be Santa and his reindeer, so adorable. 

His mother was nervous about putting up a real tree, thinking he would mess with it and try to yank ornaments off. I don't think she realizes I have raised a very respectful little boy who knows I expect a lot out of him. That statement may seem a little off, but trust me I am with that boy 60+ hours a week since he was 8 weeks old- he knows better. He tried touching the tree one time, was told we don't do that, and never tried again. In fact he doesn't even acknowledge the tree is there! Whether we're at his home. my house, or a friend's, he never touches the tree. I'm so proud! What I found adorably funny when I tried to take photos of him in front of me tree was that I actually asked him to touch it to get a cute picture and he refused! He probably thought I was tricking him, poor boy.

I got a little bit off topic for a hot second. The point to that story was she thought he needed something of his own, and found a felt tree on Pinterest she thought he would enjoy. Felt sticks to felt, so he can rearrange his "ornaments" however he wants, as many times as he wants. He absolutely loved it! 

I can't wait for the next holiday! ;)

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