Happy Hedgemas

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We tried to have a mini photo session with the boys and it didn't go too well. As you can tell by all the pictures- they were PISSED. Milo never came out of his potato ball [which is the worst kind] and Kol just furrowed his brow quills and was a grumpy gills the whole time. I had to bust out the glove by the end; I was pretty sure he was going to bite me. The little shit. I just love that last picture though. It totally sums up their personalities- Kol the Curious and Milo the Cautious. They kill me...although they might actually kill me cause they're still pretty upset with me. I went to feed them and Milo hid and Kol just growled. Point taken. Merry Christmas ya brats.

I really do love them, I swear. They're my babies! And I'm still worried about leaving them for the holidays. J being gone has already stressed them out enough and I don't want to add to it. Speaking of stress, mine is getting worse by the day. I may see my family in 3 days but my anxiety is through the roof. It's to the point where I don't even want to go anymore. Does anyone else get this way about travelling during the holidays? I know it makes me sound like an asshole but I can't help it. I was on the phone with mi madre last night and we were going over each day and if there were any plans made that day and I just started panicking. 

Here's hoping everything works out and we have a great time. Happy Hedgemas!

outtakes of Kol captured by a friend

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