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I put off wrapping gifts for as long as I could. As you can tell by my beautiful tree, I much prefer bags. They're fast, they're easy, and they're just so pretty! I may have an obsession. Seriously- I apparently hoarded about 50+ bags and found some in totes from last year. Don't expect to keep though. Mine.

Don't judge my glass of vodka cranberry. Wrapping presents requires a bit of alcohol for this girl. But I wanted to feel classy and use my reindeer wine glasses so shhh, keep that a secret from mama. Ah who am I kiddin- she knows I have a drink or three when the occasion arises. I am a little worried because I still have to shop for people I didn't even expect to see. Don't get me wrong, I'm super stoked to be going home for the holidays and spending time with all my family and friends, but now I gotta shop for all these bitches! What in the hell do I buy my grandpa? Help me out people!

Oh shit. I just realized whatever I get for Christmas needs to be brought back with me. Sonofabitch now I need to buy another suitcase. Travelling is stressful. Hence the drinking...

I can't think about that right now! I still need to make arrangements for the boys while I'm gone. All I gotta do is make it the rest of this work week, pack all my shit, and battle the crazies at the airport to make it to my mom! It sounds like beating levels in a super lame video game, ha. Be prepared for some serious food envy spam! Speaking of pictures- I finally got an Instagram! Be a dear and go follow me so you can be apart of my California adventures! Or don't, that's cool too ;)

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