California Recap

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Woot woot- it's Friday!

You'd think of all times that I would be snapping away getting pictures of every little thing- it would be during the holidays back in my home state. Basically what ended up happening, besides not having internet access half the duration, was me actually living life's little moments rather than documenting it. I think I did a good job with the important parts, like Christmas and family, but other than that I don't really have a photo diary of my visit like I wanted to.

I made sure to get a window seat on my flight to Santa Ana [I never fly into LAX] because I'm a dork who gets giddy when I see familiar territory. Seriously though, I'm such a dweeb. One of my favorite parts of looking out the window and down into the cities of California is seeing all the blue spots representing everyone's pools. We legit have no pools here-it's depressing. Unless you live in an apartment complex, or like lucky me that has a community pool in my neighborhood, you have to drive to base to use the icky pools or all the way to the Nashville water park which is nothing short of underwhelming.

My mother always picks me up and we have our mandatory In n' Out. Even if I fly in at 9am- she already knows to take me straight to the nearest burger joint for my #3 w/pink lemonade. And then I proceed to eat it almost every day while I'm there because duh. I drop some serious cash on shopping and food when I'm in California.

There were shopping trips, family time, and of tons of stuffing our faces. One of my sisters had her second baby boy December 4th so I was happy I was able to cuddle him while he was still a wee little babe. I was there for my other nephew's birth and I didn't want to have to wait too long to meet the second. Lemme tell you though, that boy is a screamer. A real fussbucket. But I still love him.

I met my youngest sister's boyfriend and felt super fucking old. She is now officially 17 and a senior in high school. What happened to my baby girl? Everyone even said that no one worried about her telling my parents or him meeting the family- everyone was worried about MY reaction. As well they should! I raised that child. [her nickname is the tattoo on my wrist] I'm still not convinced I like the idea of her dating but he is a nice boy. Plus I have to be realistic and remember I was doing a lot worse things at her age. Calm down! I was a punk kid but I wasn't terrible. Minds out of gutters please.

I'm not sure when we will be visiting again, but I hope to make it to her graduation since I missed my other sister's :/  Fingers crossed!

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