Christmas Outfit/2016 Resolution

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Jacket // Vanity  Top // Charlotte Russe  Leggings // Victoria's Secret
Wedges // Lulu's  Bracelets // Icing  Lipliner // Nyx in Auburn

I've been trying out a few new things with my blog since coming back from my super long hiatus- a new layout [coming soon], post setup, and now an 'outfit of the day' sort of thing. I am in no way a fashion blogger, hell I can barely put outfits together for myself let alone for others to mimic. But on the rare occasion when I'm feelin frisky I like to get all dolled up just like the next girl. It used to happen practically every day when I lived in California. I think that's the main difference I've seen between major city life and small town life. Things are more fast-paced in a big city, people are always going places and therefore, actually getting dressed and looking presentable. No one gives a shit in a small military town. All people know is they better have all their kids together ready to go to the commissary on payday. For Army wives it usually means wearing their husband's PT shirt and sweats [this is why we have a bad rap]. 

I don't go that far, but I did stop caring and it makes me sad. When I first got here everyone looked at me like I was crazy. People constantly asked me why I was so dressed up, even if all I was wearing that day were strappy wedges and a blouse. I never understood it, and I wound up gradually minimalizing my wardrobe until I stopped wearing anything but sandals [which I never owned] and leggings daily. I have an entire closet full of sexy high heels that I used to wear on the regular. Now I maybe wear a pair every other month when I drive out to Nashville.  I plan on changing that.

I recently read an article on Buzzfeed about a girl who was going through something similar, and challenged herself to wear heels every day for a week. What she took from it was that she enjoyed feeling put together, which made her want to go out more often, and she received a lot of nice compliments which of course made her feel awesome. And while I don't usually make New Year's resolutions because, quite frankly, I find them stupid, I vowed to myself that I am going to try and wear my heels more often in 2016. Even if it's just a trip to Target or to grab lunch with friends, I must wear every single pair of shoes I own at least once throughout this year. Anything I don't end up wearing will be donated. I feel better about this already..

..which leads me to my actual point of this post- what I wore on Christmas. I feel like holidays are special occasions in their own right and should have a festive outfit to go with it. My mother forewarned me before arriving in California that it had gotten incredibly cold [which is odd considering TN was in the high 60s-talk about back-asswards] and I try to pack as lightly as I can because I'm cheap and don't want to pay luggage fees. Let's be honest here. So I planned all my outfits out and made sure they could all be worn with the same jacket.

My style is a little more edgy than most, so I'm sure no one would actually follow me if I decided to dabble in being a fashionista on the 'gram, but whatevs. You'd be surprised to know that I actually don't own a lot of black though, only about 4/5 blouses and some leggings. It's not about the colors but the pieces themselves. And leather dahling, goes with everything.

One of the biggest things that drives me banana sandwich about style bloggers is their clothes are so fucking expensive! They always play it off like 'ohmygosh this dress is on sale! better get it before they run out!' So of course I'm like 'hell yes' and click the link thinking I'm going to get a dress maybe 50 bucks tops, only to find it's more around the $350 range. And on sale! What the hell do these women do for a living?! I'm honestly quite curious. I only have 3 main bags that I rotate- and they're all black so they match whatever I'm wearing no matter what- yet these women have an entire closet just dedicated to handbags. What. In the actual fuck.

I don't know about you, but I'm a nanny who was married to a soldier. I'm good with saving money, but that doesn't mean I have a shit ton to just throw around when I wanna 'splurge'. I won't buy a dress if it's more than 25 dollars. Hell I won't buy a shirt if it's more than 16! And I buy everything at VS with coupons-never full price! So you can trust that when I wear something it is super affordable. I may not shop at sophisticated high-end boutiques because of this, but I take very good care of my clothes and believe me when I say I still have some things I wore in high school.


I just want to end on the fact that my grandmother and I were totally in sync on Christmas day. Turns out I had forgotten to pack a necklace [you always forget ONE thing] and her present to me just so happened to be a necklace! I immediately put it on and took some photos. They aren't the best quality since I'm still tinkering with my new camera, and I had to try and teach my 17 year old sister how to use it in under 5 minutes. But there you have it! Maybe you'll be seeing more Outfit of The Day posts. Time will only tell!

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