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Anyone who has ever met me, spoken to me, or has at least seen a picture, knows I am completely OBSESSED with all things Disney. I've seen every movie [I have a Top 3] have done presentations in school on Walt and the company, own countless memorabilia, and used to work at Disneyland on Main Street! In 2014 I took two trips to Disneyworld in 2 months because I couldn't get enough! [I need to recap that year]. I haven't been to Disneyland since February 2012 when I was working there right until we moved to Tennessee. During my stay they were still building Carsland, the new entrance to DCA main street, and the candy shop was being remodeled. Needless to say I am super anxious to see how it all turned out! 

In the past 4 years I have only visited California 4 times, and 2 of them were last year. It makes me incredibly sad that I am unable to visit more often. I've missed births of nieces and nephews, both my sister's graduations, and countless family parties and events. But most of all I've missed Disney!!! I just realized that probably made me sound like a horrible person who loves Disney more than my family, but you don't understand what it's like! Living in Southern California gives you the option of going to Disney whenever the hell you feel like it. If you don't have an annual pass- and why wouldn't you?- you could frequent Downtown Disney for a few hours since parking is free and they still carry parks merchandise. Win-win scenario if you ask me. So as someone who used to practically live there my entire life, yes, it is super hard to come to terms with the fact that every holiday goes by and I'm stuck in the middle of the woods looking at pictures of my friends on Facebook with Mickey and pals during Halloween and Christmas.

What upsets me even more is that when I actually make it to California NO ONE WANTS TO GO WITH ME!!!!!!!!! What in the actual fuck dude?! Do these people not realize how crucial my time there is? And that I'm military- so I get wicked discounts! Yet still everyone either has to work or has no money. I don't accept these excuses. For anyone thinking 'wow Megan, that's kind of shitty of you'. No. I tell these people weeks/months before I get there that I am coming. They can request a day off. Or tell me their days off so I can plan accordingly. And honestly how hard is it to come up with $100? They know it would mean the world to me, but still it doesn't happen. 

This visit was no different. I settled for mi madre taking me to Downtown Disney on her Sunday off. I may not have gotten to go on rides and take pictures with characters, but I got to shop and spend quality time with my mama. Still a win in my book.

Thankfully the day we went the weather decided to get it's shit together and give us some sunshine and a dash of warmth. My mother and I are always cold so we were grateful for the reprieve. We acted like dorks the whole time and tried on as many pairs of ears and hats that we could find. Go big or go home. I tried to get as close as I could to the entrance to get a nice picture of the 60th anniversary display. I wanted so badly to just be able to move the little turntable thing that lets you into the park and run to Mickey with arms open. I was quickly brought back to reality when a cast member gave me the stink eye and asked to see my ticket. Hey man, I don't want no trouble. I shall purchase a kettle corn and take my leave.

One major bummer was they changed the free parking hours! I assured my mom that we had 3 hours so we could take our time and have fun. When we got to the exit we were about 15 minutes passed our ticket time, so I was expecting maybe a $2 charge. I was shocked and pissed off when I was told I owed $18! The lady informed me free parking is now only 2 hours, and I unwillingly handed over my credit card. My mother told me I looked like Grumpy Cat, so I dug into my Sweet Factory candy I get every visit and made my way home for dinner.

Hopefully I make it to Disneyland in 2016. 

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