Holiday Shenanigans

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Mama and Grandma
Grandpa with Baby Troy <3
Baby sister is all grown up with a boyfriend
Papa cooks the meals in this family ;)
brother and sister reunited
Zeus can't sit still to save his life
that kid was ready for battle

Happy 2016 party people. I didn't land back in Nashville til almost midnight on the 4th so the blog updates had to wait. Although I had some down time just chillin at my moms, so I guess I don't really have any valid excuses other than the simple fact that I just wasn't feelin it at the moment. Does anyone else ever get that way? You feel like you have all the time in the world yet you still don't do the things you actually need to and find yourself eating hot cheetos while watching Vampire Academy for the 10th time. No? Just me? Okay whatevs..

California was super stressful. I love going home, but every time I'm there I feel like I have to rush my visit by cramming as many get togethers with friends and family that I can. And I never even get to see everyone on the list anyway! Story of my life. 

Hanging out with my family is pure chaos, but I love every minute of it. There are so many of us; everyone yelling over each other to be heard, kids running around, lots of laughter, teasing and sarcasm, and a shit ton of food. It takes a lot to feed us, so we get our grub on! You bet your sweet ass I had alllllllll the cupcakes! Getting to hold my newest nephew was just the sweetest thing. But don't let that baby fool you, he is a little fussy britches and I'm not even going to hide the fact that as soon as he started to cry I passed him off to the nearest person. Watching a toddler has made me impatient with infants.

Almost all my siblings were in attendance, only 1 brother had the audacity not to show up, that little punkass. He was missed but having everyone's significant other [including my baby sister's high school boyfriend!] made it easier not to notice. I'm just happy I finally got to spend the holidays with my entire family. 

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