Marshmallow Suit

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Another Monday come and gone. Schools are closed again and I'm pretty sure everyone in town has cabin fever. I worked one day last week because of all the snow and it was the best ever because I basically got paid to play in the snow with the Little Nugget. I even managed to get both my bosses outside to join us.

I wasn't able to leave the house until the afternoon when I finished shoveling the driveway so I took full advantage of the morning. I woke up Milo for some hedge snuggles in the electric blanket and he was lovin it. Usually getting them up before 5 pm is a disaster because unlike most people I see on Instagram who have gotten their hedgies used to a daytime schedule, I let my boys stay true to their nocturnal nature and sleep during the day. Especially since we're at work anyway. I popped outside for a quick 10 seconds to take those pictures and immediately wrapped him back up in the blanket. Ali asked if I did the same with Kol. Psh, I didn't even bother with that one. I don't wanna lose a finger.

After naptime I got the Little Nugget all dressed and ready to play outside. I friggin love snowsuits for little kids, they look like marshmallows waddling around in the snow. I kept calling him Creampuff. That child is a real trooper. He refuses to wear hats [we have no idea why] so thankfully he kept his hood on the entire time. But when I put gloves on his hands he freaked the fuck out and had a global meltdown. I couldn't believe he lasted 2 hours outside without them. He knew better than to touch anything but we felt terrible because our hands were cold WITH gloves on. That kid gave no fucks though. When we finally couldn't take it anymore and it was getting dark we all went inside to warm up by the fire and he had an even bigger meltdown. I love that he loves being outside, so few kids do these days.


And now here I am, chillin on the couch waiting for my bestie and goddaughter to come over on yet another snow day. I'm not gonna lie, as beautiful as it is it's getting kinda old. Am I the only one who feels this way? 

I envy those of you on the west coast.

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