40 Thoughts I Had While Watching GoT S6Ep1

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Hello, yes, I'm back. Let's not make a big deal of it.

The blog still frustrates me and when that happens I get overwhelmed and shut down. And don't write. For apparently 4 months. But I'm back. And you know what brought me back? Motherfucking Game of Thrones! Cause we wait all year for this shit and then over-analyze every minute detail to where even GRRM is like....how da fuq you guys come to that conclusion? 

Honest confession though- I legit forgot about the season premiere date. April was a clusterfuck of a month with so many things happening back to back that it just completely slipped my mind. So Monday rolls around and one of my guy friends back home is messaging me via Facebook, basically lecturing me for having not seen the first 2 episodes yet. Saying he's upset with me cause he needs someone to talk about it with and theorize with all the new info that has been dropped. Fair enough.

I've been on vacation since the 20th so my sleeping habits have regressed to 'oh shit, is that the sun?'. So Tuesday night I decide yeah, 1:30 in the morning? GoT it is. It's go time.

The Red Woman
Season 6 Episode 1
These are simply little comments I had while watching this episode. They aren't really full blown thoughts because I was messaging my guy friend the entire time basically to let him know I was finally watching. That way when he woke up to them he knew my summed up remarks and we could just delve right into a discussion. It was only after I reread them that I thought they were funny enough to post. -Major language. Spoilers, obvi-

                                   1. Awwwwwwww, my poor Ghost
                                   2. Oh yeah, Fuck Ollie
                                   3. Melisandra! Bring him back you dirty wench!
                                   4. Well, he owned up to it

                                   5. Oh my God please don't capture them. Pleeeeeeeeease
                                   6. I swear to God WILL SANSA EVER CATCH A FUCKING BREAK
                                   7. YAAAAAS I spoke too soon
                                   8. Yaaaas girl slay

                                   9. I brought back our daughter...our dead ass daughter
                                  10. I swear to God if this bitch says confess one more time..

                                  11. Ooooh you can see it in their eyes about Myrcella
                                  12. Oh sheeeeet
                                  13. So smug. So bad ass
                                  14. Sand snakes takin it back!

                                  15. Fuck I love Tyrion so much
                                  16. Who's this douche
                                  17. Running away is never good..

                                  18. What up Joooooorah
                                  19. Ha. Callin him out
                                  20. Oh yeah, you is infected
                                  21. Clues clues clues

                                  22. Damn that's a lot of brown people
                                  23. She may be fucked
                                  24. God I hope not literally
                                  25. Oh heeeeeeeeell no
                                  26. DON'T YOU TOUCH HER
                                  27. These fuckheads
                                  28. Damn straight nobody be touchin her

                                  29. If looks could kill..
                                  30. Works both ways I guess
                                  31. She's like the asshole Miyagi to a blind little karate kid

                                  32. Rip his balls off Ghost!
                                  33. Why her tits always gotta be out
                                  34. At least they're nice
                                  35. She havin a breakdown or what

                                  36. Aaaah!
                                  37. Not cool
                                  38. Creeeeeper
                                  39. What. In the actual Fuck.
                                  40. That's how it ends?! With creepy Tits McGee?!

Seriously though. I looked down at my phone for 2 god damn seconds and naked old lady is staring into my soul. Yeeesh. The night is dark and full of terrors indeed. Now wonder it was titled The Red Woman. Bet people thought it was cause she was gonna bring Jon back to life. Nooope. That crazy hag- literally now- just finally lost her shit and decided why be glamorous anymore when I can let everything hang loose. She's basically all of us when we get home after a long work day. Who needs this bra? Not me!

Stay tuned for the next episode recap tomorrow!
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