75 Thoughts I Had While Watching GoT S6Ep3

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DUDE. Dude.
We're starting to get some serious flashbacks and I am lovin it. 

I forgot how into it I get when I watch the show. For this episode I went and got candy and Bunch a Crunch and I didn't even eat it. That's saying a lot cause I friggin love candy. I'd eat that shit for all my meals if I could...I've tried before. Dinner is usually when I can get away with it.

Season 6 Episode 3
Characters showed up, people died- it was pretty awesome. I think my favorite part each week aside from watching the actual show is reading fans' crazy theories on the most trivial parts. I feel like everyone believes GRRM would tie in the smallest detail to prove a point, but now they've taken it a bit too far and just pull shit outta their ass. Like people, simmer down. 
P.S. I apologize for the random font spacing going on. This blog frustrates me to no end.
-Major cussing. Spoilers, obvi-

1. Who be breathin
2. Boooooooty
3. Ghost like yeh, that just happened

4. She can't even believed it worked
5. Aww, poor Jon members
6. I wonder how different he'll behave
7. He should show up n be like couldn't even kill me right bitches
8. Now there's 2 ghosts
9. Hehehe I made a funny
10. He gonna be rockin that hairdo all season?
11. Ha. Penis joke. Nice

12. Did Sam lose weight?
13. Probably all that sea sickness
14. I'm on a boat mothafucka
15. Aww, he's takin her to his family
16. Deng, that baby big. How long they been on that boat

17. Yay, another flashback
18. Miss you Ned
19. </3
20. The Fuck that supposed to mean bro
22. Boom. You dead
23. Not gonna lie, fighting 4 dudes on your own is pretty bad ass
24. And then there were 2
25. Oh shit

26. That's not enough!
27. The Fuck, did he hear him?
28. I want to go back too!
29. You and me both Bran
30. All these creatures weird me out
31. Gimme the heebie jeebies

32. And she's back where it all started
33. Being a Dothraki must suck. Gotta walk everywhere
34. Her place ain't with you
35. Dafuq you mean fortunate

36. Who dis beesh
37. What she done
38. You always have a different perspective
39. Just tell him what he wanna know

40. This is the longest I've seen Tyrion go without talking
41. ..that didn't last long
42. He's not very good at waiting
43. Right there with you bro
44. He's around people who don't appreciate his humor
45. Poor thing

46. He needs to be my new drinking buddy
47. I volunteer as tribute!
48. Ah, so Varys does trust

49. Oh my God, his little birds
50. Brilliant

51. Cersei aint fuckin around
52. Got called out. Stop talkin shit then
53. Lady Olenna for the win
54. Ha. I love her
55. You ain't the queen
56. Hehehe maester is scared shitless

57. Finally grow a pair Tommen?
58. At least he's not backing down
59. I'm getting nervous with each step they take

60. Which name would you like a girl to speak
61. Fuck yeh Arya
62. Girl we know you want your eyes back, it's cool
63. Is it bad this storyline bores the Fuck outta me
64. She got her eyes back. Now go kill some bitches

65. This guy is not afraid to call Ramsey on his shit
66. I like him
67. Ohmygod Osha!
68. Holy Fuck Rickon
69. Noooooooooo
70. Leave the God damn direwolves alone
71. First Sansa, then Rickon. Starks are cursed

72. I've never been so emotionless during an execution
73. Wow Ollie. Nothing?
74. Eww don't make me look at him though
75. His watch has ended.

I feel like my little remarks and comments have actually turned into full-on thoughts now that the story has progressed... So that motherfucker totally heard Bran! Can he interact with the past?! Everybody is so happy that Olly and the gang are dead- totally forgetting that mere moments before Ramsay was gifted with Rickon! That shit better be a setup cause I can't take another Stark dying.
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See you next week!
All men must die.
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