My Lazy Girl Schedule for Working Out at Home

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I'll admit to you right here, right now- I haven't been to the gym in 2 years.

There, I said it. The second time J deployed I was on fire. 6 days a week I got up at the ass crack of dawn and went to the gym for 9 months straight. This gym was awesome. I picked it out because I have hard core anxiety when it comes to places with tons of people and I don't know what I'm doing and I have no control [i.e. airports, govt buildings, hospitals] and this place had specifically timed classes that you had to sign up for. Only so many people per class, a board with that day's workout, and two or more instructors to explain things and help if needed. It. Was. Perfect. 

Until a month after J came home. You're probably thinking I quit as soon as he got back. 
Wrong-o. The damn place shut down! It was a privately owned gym and I guess they just couldn't keep up or whatever. Que global meltdown from Megan. I was making such good progress. I know for a fact that I lack motivation and self- determination when it comes to things like working out. I can say all day long that I wanna do this n that, but I'll never actually do it.

Back to now--> where I'm slowly wasting away on the couch watching Netflix eating candy and other junk food. Why? I'm really depressed. And I'm over it.

I'm a very small person, this I am completely aware. Yes I weigh around 100 pounds, but none of it is muscle and I can barely open a soda bottle at times. And before you condemn me for complaining- I have cellulite and a bunch of cottage cheese-type fat just like any other girl. You don't know- you've never seen me naked! I'm just as self conscious about it as a girl twice my weight. I've never had to worry about my stomach; it's usually always flat and I can eat whatever the hell I want. Til now. 25 really hits you in the lady balls.

I noticed this past week that I'm starting to get a little gut that doesn't go away the next morning. Fuck me. Guess I need to suck it up and actually work out. But where? I'm not going to any of the gyms in this town. Half are filled with steroid-looking soldiers in uniform and the other half are filled with steroid-looking beef cakes who hog the machines and stare at themselves in the mirror and make grunting noises. No thanks.

Browsing through Instagram I found The Squat Challenge. It promises to work in as little as 4 weeks, and you can choose an 8 or 12 week home program. I chose 8 weeks. They even have legit monthly challenges where they reward you with cash prizes. I would totally do it if I wasn't a complete sissy. But I'm not sharing pictures of my nasty ass for the world to see. I already share enough as it is. So I decided to hold myself accountable by posting progress here and on my personal Instagram so that I can't slack off. Maybe I'll post 'before and afters' at the end...

The exercises are brutal and I may very well die. But you only have to do it 3 times a week. So on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays I'm gonna throw some push ups and sit ups in there to kinda balance everything out. But I'm not gonna go nearly as hard core as I am with that booty booty. My hopes aren't crazy up or anything. I don't think I'll be twerking in any rap videos by July, but I'm hoping I fill out my jeans a bit more and can rock a pair of high-waisted swimsuit bottoms I just got from Victoria's Secret on Saturday as more motivation. Fingers crossed. Wish me luck!
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