Boudoir Makes You Feel Like A Badass

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*I just want to start off by saying this took a lot of courage to post- so no hating on my super thin eyebrows or my lack of a booty. This was 2 summers ago so I'm well aware my brows are pencil thin [they aren't anymore thank god] and I'm still working on dat ass. My genes apparently just don't allow it.*

*This post is written in past tense. I am no longer with the man who these pictures were taken for*

Now that I've got that out of the way, let's get on to the awesomeness that is boudoir. That shit looks really intimidating from the outside, but the process of it is one of the most fun things I have ever experienced. Right before the summer of 2014, my bestie asked me to accompany her to a photo shoot because she was really nervous. Of course I said yes. But once she told me it was a present for her deployed husband [hers and J were both in Afghanistan at the same time] I was even more on board and started helping her plan her outfits. 

We woke up super early and headed a couple towns over where the photographer had rented out this super cool house for the day. Watching her get her hair and makeup done fascinated me. Everyone was crowded around her because she was the star of the show. If you know anything about me, you know I love attention; I'm not even ashamed to admit it. Once it was time for pictures, the fun started. Music was cranked, snacks were in abundance, champagne was poppin, and everyone was laughing. 

The photographer just happened to be a fellow milspouse, but I'm sure any will tell you the key is to be down to earth and just really supportive. I was the cheer squad. Saying things like 'get it girl!' and 'yeah, pop that booty!'. It was actually really hard to take anything seriously. I immediately knew I wanted to do my own for an anniversary present. If anything though, it's for you just as much as the person you're gifting it to.

Two months later I made sure I had a good tan going and freshly dyed locks, and it was my turn! All the pictures taken were in my own house, so it was only me, the bestie, and the photographer. The first set I had wanted to be really nerdy and playful since J is super into video and computer games. So I grabbed my cutesy glasses, his laptop and gamer headphones and headed up to our loft that was used as a guest bedroom. The second set was a touch more glam in hot shorts and big curls on my stairway. I love the vibe of the 50s so I wanted to incorporate that a smidge. Then things got spiced up a notch. My eyes got a little more sultry and we headed into my bedroom for some lingerie and rolling on the bed fun. And lastly was my favorite part. I cranked the bad-assery up with my buckled boots, lace underwear, leather jacket, and the main star- J's favorite car, a Subaru STI. A friend's husband let us borrow it for the afternoon and I will be forever grateful for that.

Let me just say this- taking pictures is no fucking joke. It looks fun and the results are ah-may-zing, but it's actually a lot of hard work! Arching your back, popping your butt, twisting in ways you never thought you could while trying to maintain a 'sexy face' is some serious shit. The whole time you just hear things like 'chin down slightly' 'more to the right' 'give me a pouty look' 'left leg higher up'. 

Ho. Ly. Fuck. It was exhausting. But sooo worth it. I'd definitely do it again. It was awesome giving my husband something so special, and even more empowering getting to claim my body like that and learning to love myself in all ways. And hell, now that I've already done it I should be a pro the next time right?! ----> also, it's been 2 years since this photoshoot so I feel comfortable sharing the pictures now, for anyone thinking 'if that was meant for your husband why show the world'. Because I can, that's why. Like I said, it felt empowering so I should be able to show that off. Plus I didn't include even half of the pictures, and we are no longer together anyway. So fuck it.

But if anyone has contemplated doing a boudoir shoot either for another or themselves- I highly suggest you just go for it! It'll make you feel the sexiest you have ever felt and just a straight up bad ass.

Stay beautiful! 

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Downtown Adventures

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Living 45 minutes away from Nashville for the past 4 years, you'd think my ass wouldn't be a tourist anymore. Truth be told I really only venture out there to go to the mall on occasion and when I have to get dropped off at the airport. You're probably reading that going 'the fuck Megan? That's it?' Well it was kinda ruined for me when I had to drive out there every single fucking Monday for 4 hours to attend college the first 2 years. So yeah, I wanted no part in that damn town.

Cue to today and I'm now realizing I have been wasting golden opportunities to explore a pretty rad city. I may loathe country music with a fiery burning passion- but even I have to admit it's still pretty awesome getting to go from Los Angeles and the rock music scene that cultivated from there, to basically a different version of the same city in the South and their music scene.

The bestie and I packed up the chitlin and headed downtown late Monday afternoon. I instantly regretted not putting my hair in a topknot the moment we stepped out of the car. Hot as balls I tell you. I'm amazed the baby did so well. She's adventurous just like us and was loving the busy city streets. Pretty sure people watching was her favorite. She got to do it from the comfort of a stroller, the lucky brat. 

We cruised Broadway first- checking out souvenir shops among the many, many bars. Too many to count. Then headed up 3rd for The Country Music Hall of Fame and some yummy Mexican. After a couple hours of braving the humid heat of the South we got a double scoop from Mike's Ice Cream Shop and headed back to the car. I was sweating buckets- it was super attractive. Honestly how did I not die? I was totally hungover from peach sangria the night before, so I think I deserve a medal from that outing.

Next trip- East Nashville.

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