Indiana Recap

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Hey party people.

10 days in Indiana still wasn't enough time to do and see everything. We were in the main city of Indianapolis and that place is non-stop on the go. My boss gave me the week off and my original plans fell through, so the bestie told me to join her on a trip back home so I wouldn't spend my birthday alone. The night of the 5th we packed our shit and headed straight after the pouring rain of asshole Kentucky. We lost a bit of momentum in the beginning but instantly perked up when she introduced me to the wonders of Rally's food. Holy hell you guys, I can feed myself on 4 dollars INCLUDING an ice cream cone. It. Was. Heaven. I may have had it eight times. No judging.

This wasn't exactly a vacation, more of a visit/sos mission. Ali had a job interview and her sister's boyfriend got really sick days before we arrived. He was in and out of the hospital daily and everyone tried as much as they could to help. Of course we tried to do things here and there to make it a bit more fun, but the pictures don't show the stress and chaos behind the scenes. The saturday after we got there- the 6th- was my 26th birthday. Pedicures and cupcakes during the day, Broad Ripple strip by night. We bar hopped and made asses of ourselves- the usual.

We shopped at the local malls in between, and then Tuesday came. Two dollar Tuesday! It's been a whole friggin decade since I've been to the LA county fair and that seriously bums me out. Even typing that made me sad. So when I found out the Indiana State Fair was happening and all the food was gonna be two bucks, you bet your ass we made an appearance so I could stuff my face. And I shit you not when I say by the time I left I could not eat a single thing more. Only I did. Because I'm a fat ass. I have no shame.

We saw her relatives and friends which was super fun. I totally adopted them because I love crazy in my life and they were the right kind for me. Friday was our last main day and we wanted to make it count. So we headed to the zoo! Another thing I haven't done in many a moon. Pretty sure I was more excited about everything we did than the baby. I am basically a little kid on the inside, so that really shouldn't surprise anybody. AND I GOT TO TOUCH A SHARK!!!

The trip back wouldn't be complete without the same asshole rain making an appearance. But hey, I got my Rally's one last time. I'm gonna miss it. Sad face. But Ali assures me there is the exact same thing in Florida called Checker's. So I have that to look forward to.

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