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I had every intention of uploading my California and Florida adventures last month. But I traveled to both states back to back and then my laptop was stolen. So I have pretty valid excuses. Just pretend it isn't October for a hot second and travel back to August where summer was still in our hearts and beach trips were in abundance.


I love the first and last days of being in California with my family. They basically revolve around food. There are plenty of things I cannot get in Tennessee that are only available in Southern California. Like delicious tacos made by authentics and In n Out burgers with a side of fries. I cram that shit in my mouth the entire time I am there. But what is so special about the day I land and the day I leave is we have a routine that we stick to no matter the time or if someone is working.

My mother knows my obsession with In n Out. I'd eat it every day of my trip if I could, but there are other glorious foods to indulge in. Lately I've been flying in at around 9 am, and that time is no exception to the food rule. We HAVE to get In n Out straight from the airport. Every. Time. This has been a tradition for the two of us the last 5 years. Well this trip she was working and informed me my little sister and her boyfriend were picking me up. Great. She sent the children to come get me. I was more concerned about making it home alive than eating that day. But make no mistake! Before we got to the apartment I made them go through that drive thru for my burger and fries. It was a little late, but damnit I was getting my In n Out.

My parents came home a couple hours later and it was time for dinner! I got severely made fun of and called a fatty since I had just eaten at noon and it was only 4 before I started whining about tacos. Hey, I was two hours behind normal! It was dinner time at home! They know not to argue with my belly. Onto the next one! A family owned Mexican restaurant that we have been going to the past decade or so. This is where I go banana sandwich and get all the things! Because I need tacos and rice and chips and salsa and carne asada fries. Because duh.


I try to leave later in the evening on my last day. I want to take full advantage of my time there spent with my mom and sister, and obviously to make it easier on them with work schedules. Since my mother did not partake in our In n Out adventure, she was gonna make damn sure that would be my last meal before getting on that airplane. Beesh always comes through for me. Love her. Long story short we ran out of time and had to stuff our faces in the car. No biggie. I got muh food, I'm not complaining.

Hopefully I can make a visit for Christmas. The holidays just means more food! And made by my relatives no less. Yum. 

Sidenote: I love the back to back pictures of my mini and I. I love us <3

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