Classic Christmas Decor

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The holidays have come and gone and of course I'm barely getting around to posting about it. What else is new. It's still December so it technically counts. Anywho.

This year was a rough one with all my personal shit going on. By the time December rolled around I just was not prepared for it. Part of me wanted to go crazy and the other part of me didn't want to do a god damn thing. I was at a constant battle with myself on how many totes I wanted to pull out of the den. I had just rearranged the living room the week of Thanksgiving and had a lovely break-in, so the house was still pretty bare once Christmas time came. I figured I could use the cheering up with all my decor, but only had enough effort for the tree and certain kitchen adornments.

Since I got new shit for the house and finally ditched the all black and red theme, I figured it was time to get colorful. I always adored my mother's Christmas treasures when I was younger and wanted to mimic that feel as much as I possibly could, especially since I wasn't going to California this year. I got a couple Hallmark ornaments, some colored bulbs, and lots of pine garland. If you've been around this blog awhile you know I hate tacky and cheesy decorations with every fiber of my being. And that is what I feel is always on sale these days. It drives me fucking bonkers. I am very selective with what I buy, but I wanted something a little more traditional without going overboard. Hopefully I accomplished that. 

Usually I go nuts at stores on Black Friday and the day after Christmas buying all the things, but money is tight this time around so I settled for some basic things that still made my heart happy. Besides the pop of color everywhere, my new favorite piece has to be my Santa figurine on my ottoman tray. It's just so perfect and I based everything around it. It also reminds me of my favorite Christmas movie- The Santa Clause. I'm gonna have a lot of fun adding onto my collection in the coming years.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas.

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