Grubbin Into the New Year

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Hey 2017, you sexy beast you.

It may be a new year but I am the same me. Case in point, procrastinating almost 2 weeks after the new year has already begun to recap our celebration shenanigans. Oh well, nothing new.

New Years Eve actually landed on a Saturday so we jumped at it. The girls had to work the day of and the next morning so we couldn't go too crazy, but we knew we wanted to at least go out. I honestly didn't give a shit what I did, just as long as I did it in my sparkly dress. My dream of becoming the ball drop had come true ;) Of course it just had to rain though so that kinda ruined our plans of walking downtown. And my hair. Every time I straighten it! Every. Damn. Time.

We made reservations at The Melting Pot and stuffed our fucking faces off. Anything someone didn't eat, another was sure to cram it in her mouth. It was heaven. All the cheese! All the oreo yumminess! And of course, all the damn booze. And yes, we are kissing our champagne flutes. Because if you're gonna have a New Years kiss at least you know champagne won't let you down. We're getting to that age where dinner is enough and you kinda just wanna get back home and snuggle up in jammies.

I made it back to the house at 11:58. Perfect timing to kiss all my boys for New Years. 

Hope you had a blast! 
Yay for 2017!

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