Main Street Madness

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Main Street is so magical, I fucking love it. Every time I go to Disney I never get to just take my time and explore. So many people are quick to get in line for rides that I miss out on all the awesomeness the beginning of the park has to offer.

Disneyland and Disneyworld are not set up the same way. They're layouts are extremely similar, but obviously they couldn't be exactly the same otherwise what's the fun in that. So we dedicated half a day to just Main Street. Going into each and every shop and cafe. Stuffing our faces with cake pops and hot dogs, and chatting with all the cast members about some of their favorite moments they've been apart of.

It was so nice to not have any pressure and just be silly with all the vendors and photographers. Ali got her ginormous hot dog and I got my castle picture. Success.

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Pool Side Hangs

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Disney knows how to go all out, even with their pool design. Ali and I stayed at the All-Star Sports Resort [there is also Movies and Music] and I just couldn't resist wearing my striped bikinis to look like apart of the getup. I mean come on, don't I totally look like a cute little referee?! I mean they probably don't rock pigtails or space buns but whatevs, I don't like getting my hair wet! I know, I'm a weirdo.

We usually try to split our days in half. A park in the morning, come back and chill by the pool- possibly nap- and head back to the same or different park at night. It gives us a chance to relax after dealing with so many damn people. Plus it gets so fucking hot and humid in Florida, you just need a break! We eat in the hotel room to avoid crazy costs and freshen up before heading back. We seriously know how to navigate our vacation, trust me. I get an outfit change and Ali gets to rest her feet. Win-win.

Next up- park adventures!!

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Wicked Nonsense

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Towards the end of last summer Ali and I were doing a lot of traveling and getting into crazy adventures all over the place. When September came we headed to Florida to celebrate Babygirl's first birthday. Ali's parents live near Sarasota, so it was the perfect opportunity to ditch the babe with them for a couple days and head to Disney!

I fucking love Disney. Way too much. I'm that weird adult having more fun than the kids, borderline crying out of sheer happiness. I'm a very nostalgic person, what can I say. So I was not very happy when they announced they were completely redoing Downtown Disney, and renaming it Disney Springs. Dafuq? We had to check it out.

Check in isn't until 3 when you're staying at the resorts, so we always use the day to get there early and explore Downtown before heading to the hotel pool. I was very underwhelmed and disappointed. I feel like they were trying to appeal to older, ritzy tourists or some shit. Cause if you ask any local or fellow Disney lover, you go for all the awesomeness. If I wanted glitz and glam I'd just go to the damn mall.

After about 20 minutes we decided we were good, and headed to the old school part where all the actual Disney stores are. My favorites are The Vault and D23. I just love all the modernized things to choose from. I saved up a shit ton since the last time I visited I was unemployed. So I felt no guilt when I splurged and bought a Dooney and Bourke Haunted Mansion bag. It's so fucking awesome.

It felt much better to let my guard down and be the true goober that I am amongst all the other Disney lovers. I really wanted those Maleficent ears! But as an adult, we have to make stupid decisions and Ali convinced me that classic ears were the way to go. She was right though- don't let her know I said that- and the cute red Minnie bow ears went with all my outfits.

More randomness to come!

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San Diego Shenanigans

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Two more weeks and I'll be having this view again! I can't believe it's been 6 months since I was in California! Sad face. I've missed the weather, the food, the fam, and of course- the beach! All the beaches are so different in southern California, even the ones right next to each other.

I got to see my awesome friend Toni and her little girl that I actually met here in Tennessee. They're originally from that area so when they got out of the military the lucky bastards got to go back. So jealous. It had only been 2 months since I had seen them but I was so happy that I got to. Life is good when you have amazing friends that will drive 2 hours to see you. Overall she did 8 hours of driving that day. A true friend, that one.

She picked me up bright and early and we started catching up while the little one slept. She always has the greatest timing of waking up right when you arrive. We headed to Ocean beach to look at all the shops and explore the coast. So pretty and open. I felt right at home amongst all the surfers. It's hard when you're the only one who has 'dude' in their slang vocabulary haha.

Next up was a beach just 20 minutes up the road where you overlook cliffs and caverns. I wanted to adventure in them but the little one would have made it pretty hard. No worries though. We just traded for Seal Beach- where you literally can walk among them while they sun bathe. It was so insane! And of course Toni being the bitch that she is cornered me right near a huge male seal and scared me half to death. I legit screamed and ran. They get close! No judging.

Ended the day just the right way- with a bunch of authentic mexican food that you can only get in California. Sometimes I wanna move back just purely for the grub. I'll  make sure to stuff my face in this upcoming visit. It's been too long!!!

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