Pool Side Hangs

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Disney knows how to go all out, even with their pool design. Ali and I stayed at the All-Star Sports Resort [there is also Movies and Music] and I just couldn't resist wearing my striped bikinis to look like apart of the getup. I mean come on, don't I totally look like a cute little referee?! I mean they probably don't rock pigtails or space buns but whatevs, I don't like getting my hair wet! I know, I'm a weirdo.

We usually try to split our days in half. A park in the morning, come back and chill by the pool- possibly nap- and head back to the same or different park at night. It gives us a chance to relax after dealing with so many damn people. Plus it gets so fucking hot and humid in Florida, you just need a break! We eat in the hotel room to avoid crazy costs and freshen up before heading back. We seriously know how to navigate our vacation, trust me. I get an outfit change and Ali gets to rest her feet. Win-win.

Next up- park adventures!!

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