San Diego Shenanigans

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Two more weeks and I'll be having this view again! I can't believe it's been 6 months since I was in California! Sad face. I've missed the weather, the food, the fam, and of course- the beach! All the beaches are so different in southern California, even the ones right next to each other.

I got to see my awesome friend Toni and her little girl that I actually met here in Tennessee. They're originally from that area so when they got out of the military the lucky bastards got to go back. So jealous. It had only been 2 months since I had seen them but I was so happy that I got to. Life is good when you have amazing friends that will drive 2 hours to see you. Overall she did 8 hours of driving that day. A true friend, that one.

She picked me up bright and early and we started catching up while the little one slept. She always has the greatest timing of waking up right when you arrive. We headed to Ocean beach to look at all the shops and explore the coast. So pretty and open. I felt right at home amongst all the surfers. It's hard when you're the only one who has 'dude' in their slang vocabulary haha.

Next up was a beach just 20 minutes up the road where you overlook cliffs and caverns. I wanted to adventure in them but the little one would have made it pretty hard. No worries though. We just traded for Seal Beach- where you literally can walk among them while they sun bathe. It was so insane! And of course Toni being the bitch that she is cornered me right near a huge male seal and scared me half to death. I legit screamed and ran. They get close! No judging.

Ended the day just the right way- with a bunch of authentic mexican food that you can only get in California. Sometimes I wanna move back just purely for the grub. I'll  make sure to stuff my face in this upcoming visit. It's been too long!!!

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