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Towards the end of last summer Ali and I were doing a lot of traveling and getting into crazy adventures all over the place. When September came we headed to Florida to celebrate Babygirl's first birthday. Ali's parents live near Sarasota, so it was the perfect opportunity to ditch the babe with them for a couple days and head to Disney!

I fucking love Disney. Way too much. I'm that weird adult having more fun than the kids, borderline crying out of sheer happiness. I'm a very nostalgic person, what can I say. So I was not very happy when they announced they were completely redoing Downtown Disney, and renaming it Disney Springs. Dafuq? We had to check it out.

Check in isn't until 3 when you're staying at the resorts, so we always use the day to get there early and explore Downtown before heading to the hotel pool. I was very underwhelmed and disappointed. I feel like they were trying to appeal to older, ritzy tourists or some shit. Cause if you ask any local or fellow Disney lover, you go for all the awesomeness. If I wanted glitz and glam I'd just go to the damn mall.

After about 20 minutes we decided we were good, and headed to the old school part where all the actual Disney stores are. My favorites are The Vault and D23. I just love all the modernized things to choose from. I saved up a shit ton since the last time I visited I was unemployed. So I felt no guilt when I splurged and bought a Dooney and Bourke Haunted Mansion bag. It's so fucking awesome.

It felt much better to let my guard down and be the true goober that I am amongst all the other Disney lovers. I really wanted those Maleficent ears! But as an adult, we have to make stupid decisions and Ali convinced me that classic ears were the way to go. She was right though- don't let her know I said that- and the cute red Minnie bow ears went with all my outfits.

More randomness to come!

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