Six Months of Zane

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Zane doesn't have his own tab on the blog yet, so I thought I'd create an entire post dedicated to him since today he turns 8 months old, meaning I've had my baby for 6 months already. Where does the time go?!?!

He used to obviously be able to sit in my lap. Over the weeks he's been getting very frustrated because all he wants to do is sit in mommy's lap, but he can no longer fit. Watching him try different angles and positions is priceless, until he finally gives up and sighs. So I got him a ginormous comfy bed for him to be completely weird in. He seriously lays in it all kinds of ways and it just cracks me up to sit there and watch him. His favorite is laying upside down and hanging his head over the edge to watch tv. I can't make this shit up.

This pup is incredibly well behaved. I mean, I'm not exactly surprised since I'm the one raising him, but we always get praise and compliments where ever we go on his obedience and self control. Especially at such a young age. I immediately started training him the moment I brought him home. And once he turned 10 weeks I enrolled him in puppy class. He just graduated intermediate school and will begin advanced training next month. I'm so excited!!

He loves walking our local forest path that is 6 miles long. I try to take him as often as I can. He now has a big ol blockhead that almost breaks my nose and renders me unconscious every time he attempts to give me kisses. And his jaw has now peaked into serious pittie toughness, because treats that used to last him 24 hours now last about 2 minutes. But despite those things I swear he is just a lovable sissy. A mama's boy.

He is afraid of trash bags, the vacuum, my hair dryer, and the neighbor's cat. His lovies include a donut and studmuffin, a dinosaur, and a sloth. He loves them dearly and only snuggles them in his bed. He would never chew anything, and when Donut's bow came off he cried for hours, thinking he hurt her. It was the most adorable thing.

My precious baby boy is my life. He came in a time when I needed him most, and continues to provide me the love and support I desperately need. I honestly don't know what I would do without him.

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