Quill Babies

I'm not your average fur mama.
My babies happen to be covered in quills and love mealworms and taking lots of naps.
Their dislikes include sunlight and baths.

Milo. The cuddle hedge. He loves to snuggle on my tummy and watch Netflix at night. He's just warming up to getting his belly rubbed and I am loving every minute of it. My easy going first born. He doesn't complain when I use him as props in my photos and loves to explore every inch of the surface. But cautiously.

Kol. The grumpy hedge. My little escape artist who is just too smart for his own damn good. Gets into everything and gives no fucks. The troublesome younger child. He puts up a hell of a fight when it comes to bath day and never sits still. Thinks the world revolves around him yet doesn't want any of your attention. Unless you smell good.

They're super high maintenance and all around divas.
They drive me bat shit crazy most days, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Because they're the best listeners when you need to vent.
And the cutest distraction when you need to smile.
And I love them for it.



  1. You should totally create a header/ nav bar with Milo's little picture on it. Yup. Hedgehogs and glitter. :)

  2. Decided that we're best friends since I have a hedgehog too haha. Your little baby is so cute!

  3. Oh My Goodness! He is the cutest! I think I may need to get myself a little quill baby :)


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